Danville Redevelopment & Housing Authority

DANVILLE, Virginia- The Danville Redevelopment & Housing Authority has been re-awarded the ROSS Grant, receiving $672,000 total funds from HUD, on a three-year grant cycle.

When asked for comment regarding this momentous award, Executive Director and CEO, Larissa Deedrich had this to say, “The return of the ROSS grants for DRHA is exciting. These funds will mean increased programs and resources for all DRHA residents, it is my hope that our residents will take advantage of this opportunity to fulfill their goals and reach their full potential.”

The Resident Opportunity and Self- Sufficiency Grant (ROSS) provides residents in public housing the opportunity to improve their circumstances. These efforts are managed with the help of ROSS Coordinators, who will connect residents to various community resources. As residents take part in the ROSS program, they will be assisted with support services to ensure successful completion. With this assistance, residents can feel confident in their ability to reach the goal of living independently from any public assistance.

As DRHA moves closer to the implementation of the program, more details will be provided over the coming months.