Danville Redevelopment & Housing Authority

(434) 793-1222 carla.harrison@drhava.com 651 Cardinal Place, Danville, VA24541
Carla Harrison is a dedicated professional who began her career in DRHA’s Public Housing Department in April 1992. She was first hired as a receptionist and over the years held several other positions such as Housekeeping Inspector, Recertification Specialist, and Rental Property Manager. Carla is committed to providing excellent service to all public housing applicants, residents, and the public. She makes every effort to keep residents informed of the rules and regulations and advises residents of how the rules affect them. She encourages residents to take advantage of services and programs offered by DRHA and other local agencies to help them achieve their goals of homeownership, furthering their education, and obtaining better jobs. She also connects the residents to other community resources to help them maintain housing, health care, and other personal needs.

Carla was born and raised in DRHA’s Public Housing Program. She grew up in the Liberty View Community for the first 21 years of her life. She has many fond memories of growing up in the Liberty View Community and feels that growing up in public housing has helped to prepare her for a long career in DRHA’s Public Housing Department. 

Carla holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Virginia State University. She became a Certified Public Housing Manager in 1995 and Certified Occupancy Specialist in 2003.

Carla loves singing praises to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and she also loves spending quality time with her husband, family, and friends.